Paa Ski over Grønland.

Kristiania: Aschehoug, 1890. Large 8vo. XII, 704 pp. Publisher’s decorated cloth.

A somewhat worn copy.

Inscribed by Nansen. Exceptional provenance: 

Til Hr. Gustav Baumann med venlig hilsen og hjertelig Tak fra os alle seks for uforglemmelige dage tilbragte sammen i Godthaab fra Deres ven Fridtjof Nansen. /

[TRANSLATION: To Mr. Baumann with kind regards and thank you very much from all six of us for unforgettable days spent together in Godthaab, from your friend Fridtjof Nansen.]

On the Greenland Expedition Nansen was accompanied by Otto Sverdrup, Oluf C. Dietrichson, Kristian Kristiansen Trana, Samuel Johannesen Balto and Ole Nielsen Ravna. Towards the end of the expedition, after having reached the shores of the Ameralikfjord, they constructed a simple boat from available resources. The construction could only carry two people, so Sverdrup joined Nansen and on behalf of the others they took on the last hazardous stretch towards Godthaab with hope to be in time for the last ship leaving for Copenhagen. It took them from September 29th to October 3rd to reach the shores of Godthaab. When approaching in their strange vessel people came out to meet them, and among these was a blond, friendly gentleman; Gustav Baumann. Baumann was in the Greenland Service as an assistant to the Superintendent of the colony of Godthaab. The meeting between the three on October 3rd is thoroughly described by Nansen over one full page in the book.

ESTIMATE:  10 000 – 15 000 NOK